Project 3–Young Diabetes camp

The Young Diabetes Health Camp is conducted annually by divisions to equip YPLDM with the knowledge to better manage their own health. The camp also gives an opportunity for people as far as Monasavu, or Natewa Bay in Cakaudrove to travel and meet with other young people living with the same condition. Many of these young diabetics face many challenges and lack self-esteem as they live in isolation with no peer support and assistance given. The past years have seen many of these unfortunate children succumb to their condition at a very early age due to poor health care and motivation. The camp has provided opportunities for members to share their living experience which has been one of the successful methods used to build self-esteem especially for newly diagnosed and those living in remote places. The camp has also led to the establishment of the Young Diabetes of Fiji (YDF) and YDF has been very proactive in advocacy activities by participating in World Diabetes Day Celebration, National Volunteer Day, Color Explosion in Lautoka and many other NCD programs.

Participants of the central young diabetes camp

Participants of the western young diabetes camp

Participants of the Central Young Diabetes camp with Nabukavesi Community, Namosi

Aniket Prasad shared his testimony living with type 1 and  District Soccer player for Nasinu to youths of Edenville, Toorak, Suva.