Managing Diabetes

It is highly recommended by doctors to always keep your glucose level within range. This is sometime challenging as there are a lot of things that increase your glucose level.

Below are some steps that you can use to manage your glucose level;

  1. Food – Eat food that are low in fat and calories yet
    high in nutrition and fiber.
  2. Exercise – Spend atleast 30mins a day on Physical activity
    eg, aerobics, Zumba, walking etc……
  3. Medication – Always make sure to take your Medication on time.
  4. Blood Glucose/Blood Pressure – Always have these two checked and
    monitored thoroughly.



It is important to know the name of your diabetes medicine (or medicines), how it is taken, the reason for taking it and possible side effect.

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YDF and Peer Support Group Membership

When you join the Young Diabetes Fiji program/ Peer Support Group Program, you become a member of your subdivision or divisional organisation. Becoming a member of YDF and Peer Support Group you will be provided with benefits. Membership includes, Discount for Diabetes Machines and Strips Information and advice on healthy eating and physical activity Local Diabetes Support Group Provided with free syringes Provided with free glucometer and strips for glucose testing Diagnosis To confirm that a person has diabetes, blood test have to be conducted. Management Different types of Diabetes require different management. For all types of diabetes, controlling your blood glucose level is a healthy way to prevent short and long term complication. Management of diabetes includes Proper nutrition Physical activity Medication Self-Monitoring Regular Check Ups...Read More