Community Outreach Program

Previously a subsidiary program of the Foot Care Project, DFI plans to expand this program and run it independently with a separate budget and create employment opportunity with one new staff member.

The scope of work required in the area of Diabetes Type 2 prevention and management demands that DFI adjust its approach to better curb the growing statistics associated with Type 2 Diabetes. This Program will utilize DFI’s 12 member Core Volunteers, 28 peer groups, trained healthDoctors and Nurses to run school and community based advocacy based projects. This projectcurrently has at the very least, 24 community events (2 per month minimum) scheduled for 2020, ranging from High School Students Workshops, Teachers Trainings, Sporting Events and Community Awareness.

These events are nationwide and will be covered by all media outlets and DFI’s social media platforms & official website. The Community Outreach Program targets the community at large and will heavily employ digital media by way of ePosters and informative video commercials as a tool to drive awareness through social media. DFI firmly believes in keeping with the times and exploring new technologies that would assist in delivering project goals and make us better Corporate Partners to our Sponsors.