About Diabetes Fiji

Diabetes Fiji was previously called the National Diabetes Foundation of Fiji which was established in 1981 and became a member of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 1983. Diabetes Fiji Incorporated was registered as a Charitable Trust in July 2012. Main Focus: To encourage policy makers at the highest level to help create conducive environments for controlling Diabetes. To empower people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes with knowledge and other resources to manage/ control their conditions. To create awareness amongst care givers, relatives, friends and community to provide the needed support for people with diabetes. To strengthen health care systems to provide appropriate, affordable and sustainable services to people with diabetes. ...Read More



During the last community transmission in 2020 there was a national lockdown and services were focused on Covid-19 measures. Many NCD programs and services were neglected. This resulted in many adverse effects in our patients with Chronic Diseases. There was a rise in severe foot problems, poor blood glucose control due to patients running out […]...

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The Alliance for Healthy Living

The Alliance for Healthy Living is a coalition formed by Diabetes Fiji, Consumer Council of Fiji and the National Food and Nutrition Centre (the “Core Group”) in partnership with various civil society groups and members of the public.  The Core Group is made up medical and dental practitioners, researchers, consumer advocates, nutritionists etc who have come together to advocate for […]...

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Objectives & approach According to tthe WHO the mean body mass index in Fiji for males is close to 27 kg/m2 and above 29 kg/m2 for females. Non-communicable diseases are estimated to account for 77 % of all deaths in Fiji and in 2008 a total of 65 % of the total population was estimated […]

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In a bid to encourage early treatment of diabetic foot problems, Diabetes Fiji is planning to diversify its clinics in the Central and Western Division. Project Manager Viliame Qio says their priority areas include the greater Suva and Nausori corridor as well as the Nadi to Lautoka areas. Qio adds there have been a lot […]

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